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Morgan Lily was born on April 11, 2000 in Santa Monica, California. Her career in the entertainment industry began when she was just three months old, when she appeared on the cover of a Talbots catalog. Advertising agencies quickly took notice, selecting Morgan to appear in a print ad for Beech-Nut baby food as well as a worldwide in-store campaign for Disney's baby clothing line. In addition to her print work, Morgan was also selected as the face of a public service announcement for Mothers and Children Together Against Violence.
By the age of four, Morgan had already hit it big as a print model. She appeared in world-famous international fashion magazines such as Vogue, GQ, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Elle and Amica. She also modeled in various Macy's, Sara Lee and Disney publications. Her increasingly recognizable face was also seen in a Burberry London Clothing ad and on the cover of American Girl magazine.
Morgan's early success in print led to her first acting job in a Hallmark Mother's Day commercial. Future commercial work included appearances in national spots for Nabisco, Kellogg's, and a Hallmark Christmas ad.
In 2005, Morgan made her movie debut in "Shards." This poignant film deals with the return of an Iraq war veteran to his family in the United States. Unstable and unpredictable after experiencing the traumatic atrocities of war, the soldier begins the healing process through the unconditional love of his friends and family back home.
Morgan's performance in "Shards" led to her being cast in the 2006 made-for-television comedy titled "Welcome to the Jungle Gym," where she co-starred with actress Jennifer Aspen ("Party of Five", "Rodney", "The Closer".) This lighthearted movie focuses on a working mom who tries to maintain a friendship with her two girlfriends while balancing a family life.
In 2007, Morgan starred in a variety of national commercials for such renown brands as Jif Peanut Butter, Dodge and Continental Airlines. She also made her network television debut on an episode of the hit CBS series "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation." Morgan did all of her own stunt work for the show, which included falling from an elevated tree house. In the episode titled "Living Doll", Morgan's character Chloe is killed by her sister, whose father is a ventriloquist. It was an ironic role due to the fact that both Morgan and her father are both ventriloquists in real life.
Morgan's 2008 slate includes three feature films. In "Pornstar", she plays Bethany, the daughter of Matthew Grey Gubler's ("Criminal Minds") character Ziggy. The film deals with the booming adult movie industry and a deeper exploration into America's obsession with sex, fame and money.
Scheduled for a summer 2008 release is "Henry Poole is Here", starring Luke Wilson as the title character. The film revolves around a man who finds out he only has six weeks to live. He decides to retreat from his normal life and live out his last days in indulgent isolation. But nosy neighbors and a curious stain on his stucco wall change his plans, and Henry learns all about the powers of faith, hope, and the wonders of the everyday. In this quirky comedic drama, Morgan plays Millie Stupek, and stars as the daughter of actress Radha Mitchell ("Silent Hill", "Finding Neverland"). 
She's just eight years old, but industry critics are already taking note of this budding star. In fact, TheBuzz.com and CelebDiaries have compared her acting prowess to contemporary child stars such as Dakota and Elle Fanning.
Morgan is as big a performer at home as she is on the silver screen. She loves to dance and sing with her mother April Gross, sister Riley Jane and brother Jordan David. Her hobbies include practicing  comedy, magic and ventriloquism with her father, comedian / magician and former professional athlete Andy Gross.  She's also an enthusiastic animal lover.